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Impact adventures podcast

How do we pay for the SDGs?

With SDG #17, the writers conclude this 2030 Agenda by stating that the previous 16 goals won’t be achieved without global participation. More specifically, developed nations will need to support less and least developed countries.

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Brewing peace through economic opportunities

SDG #16: Promote peace and justice. Conflict, insecurity and limited access to justice stand in the way of sustainable development. Entrepreneur George Taylor, after a particularly tragic gang-related shooting, decided to try to instill peace in his community – and beyond with TRU Colors.

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Money still pouring into ESG funds

Sustainable equity funds recently passed $1 trillion in assets under management globally, having grown almost 75% just in 2020, says Sara Mahaffy, ESG strategist at RBC Capital Markets.

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women's fund

The ‘secret sauce’ of impact investing

Conscious leaders — those who think about both their company’s customers and its employees — are the ‘secret sauce’ of impact investing, says Eva Yazhari of Beyond Capital Ventures, a women-led emerging markets impact venture fund.

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